Run by Nurses – For Nurses

The Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) is the only health care union in the province that represents all categories of licensed nurses.

Our members represent 97% of all unionized nurses in the province, including Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Psychiatric Nurses. Collectively, we represent more than 12,000 nurses who work in a variety of health care settings: acute care, community health, home care and long-term care.

A source of strength and support for Manitoba nurses, our all-nurse membership and management structure ensures the union addresses pressures and challenges inherent in the nursing profession. Membership in the union increases solidarity, bargaining power and contributes to better working relationships for all nurses. We remain dedicated to safeguarding the role of nurses in the Manitoba’s health care system.

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A healthy Manitoba where all patients and nurses are respected, safe, and valued.


Towards this vision, we instill and uphold the value of nurses within a strong, publicly funded healthcare system, by empowering nurses through effective collective bargaining practices, innovative member development programs, and well-rounded advocacy efforts.


We believe in honour, integrity, accountability, democracy, diversity, advocacy, solidarity, reconciliation and social justice.

Protecting nurses and their role in health care

Protecting nurses and their role in health care

Founded by nurses, the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) is an active, member-driven organization dedicated to meeting the unique needs and interests of its members. First and foremost, the union enables members to voice their concerns on issues that affect their profession. In this regard, the primary roles of the MNU protect and support nurses through:

  • Labour Relations processes such as Collective Bargaining to establish wages, benefits and working conditions
  • Enforcing collective agreements and ensuring workplace standards are met
  • Organizing member-driven campaigns to improve working conditions and patient care  
  • Advocating for both nurses and their patients
  • Providing educational opportunities and resources for the membership
  • Engaging in public and governmental relations to protect and improve health care for nurses and patients
  • Since its inception, the MNU has fought many battles to earn significant gains for Manitoba nurses. Decades of hard work, perseverance and commitment has strengthened the role of Manitoba nurses within an increasingly complex health care delivery system.

MNU is affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Manitoba Federation of Labour.



1975 marked the rise of the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) – and the first triumph of its members' collective voice. Joining the growing national chorus demanding better working conditions, more respect, and wages that reflected their professional skills, nurses at Winnipeg hospitals held their first ever strike vote.

The strike was averted when employers agreed to a collective agreement that included a wage increase from 32 to 36.5 per cent. As a result, 1975 became known as the "Year of the Nurse."

A look at our past