Our History

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The 1975 negotiations leading to an historic Collective Agreement were conducted by the Manitoba Staff Nurses Council, which later changed its name to Manitoba Organization of Nurses’ Association (MONA). The Manitoba Nurses’ Union became the organization's official name in 1990.

In the Trenches

In 1990, the government's massive cutbacks to the health care system forced nurses across the province into the longest and largest nursing strike in Canadian history. As continuing to provide adequate care under extremely difficult and stressful circumstances was important to nurses, their essential services agreements ensured patients were cared for.

During this time, the MNU took the lead in publicly supporting nurses and rose as a front-line defender of quality health care. The final settlement gave nurses many of the benefits they enjoy today.

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The Voice of Reason

Nearly thirty years of hard work, perseverance and commitment to the profession has strengthened the role of the Manitoba nurse in managing the challenges of an increasingly complex health care delivery system. Over the past decade we have established ourselves as one of the most respected voices on health care in this province, and we continue to negotiate for improvements that reflect realistic needs in today's workplace.

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