MNU's Vera Chernecki Emerging Leader Award

The Manitoba Nurses Union announces a new award in honour of our past President Vera Chernecki, who was a fierce and encouraging leader. This Award is meant to memorialize a very special person in MNU’s history and foster the spirit of unwavering dedication to activism.

Vera was President of the Manitoba Organization of Nurses Associations (MONA) and then the Manitoba Nurses Union from 1981 to 1999. She led our union during a very transformative era, from MONA to MNU, including the historic 30-day strike in 1991. 

Following her retirement, Vera participated in our AGMs for many years as our parliamentarian and was a well-respected and highly regarded parliamentarian for other unions and organizations.

The award will be presented at our Annual General Meeting held each year.

In selecting the recipient of the Award, the Selections Committee will take into account the following:

1. Someone who is an emerging activist.
2. Someone who demonstrates strong desire to lead by example.
3. Someone who is engaged in union activities/events.
4. Someone whose actions inspire others to stand up for frontline nurses.

The Award will only be presented if there is a candidate(s) that clearly meets the specified criteria. Nominations should be received no later than March 31st to allow the Selections Committee, which will consist of the Vice-President as the Chair; and two members of the Executive Committee, enough time to review the nominations and select recipients. Those receiving the Award will be notified prior to the AGM unless nominators specifically request otherwise. The MNU President will present the Vera Chernecki Emerging Leader Award at the AGM. The recipient will receive a fully funded spot at the upcoming Fall Education Conference, as well be invited to have dinner with the President, an opportunity to share and be inspired.

Application Process

Please describe your nominee’s accomplishments and the activities that you feel merit the Award. The nominator(s) shall submit a 300-500 word biography of the nominee in addition to the information required on the nomination form. This biography will be used at the Annual General Meeting when presentations are made for the awards. In your submission, the criteria should be clearly reflected, and you should consider the following:

1. How have my nominee’s activities benefited her/his colleagues and patients?
2. Has my nominee shown leadership at the grassroots level of the MNU?
3. Has my nominee lead by example?

Would you like assistance in filling out your submission? Please contact Brandi Johnson at the MNU Office @ 204-942-1320.

Applications can be sent to

Download the Vera Chernecki Emerging Leader Award Application to get started.