This upcoming year is of huge importance to the diabetes community around the world, and especially in Canada.

It was a century ago that Sir Frederick Banting, along with his colleague Charles Best, discovered insulin and its therapeutic potential. Sir Banting received a Nobel in Medicine, which he shared with co-discoverer John James Rickard MacLeod, in 1923.

The Manitoba Nurses Union is proud to support Diabetes Canada and their goal of a cure for diabetes!

In years past, MNU has fundraised for the Lace Up for Diabetes event, which took place annually in the month of April at Assiniboine Park.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, this year’s Lace Up event will be taking place virtually throughout the month of September.

While this is a different event than what MNU is used to, we still have the goal of notching top fundraiser spot.

For that we need your help, either as a participant or as a donor!

Lace Up organizers are encouraging all participants to do this event your way: you choose the activity and you set the pace. Walk, run, ride or dance your kilometres, whether it’s in four hours, four days or four weeks. Not only does this event encourage practicing a healthy lifestyle, but it also allows MNU to show our commitment to a worthy cause.

There are also many participants who are choosing to honour Sir Banting and Mr. Best with the “100” year anniversary, aiming for 100 km over the course of the month, or 100 minutes per day or week, or 100 laps of a soccer field… the possibilities are endless!

“However you choose to support Lace Up, we thank you! This is a very worthy cause and one that we are proud to support annually,” said MNU President Darlene Jackson, adding that “as nurses, we witness first-hand the devastating impact that diabetes can have on the lives of Manitobans.”

Without a doubt, the discovery of insulin 100 years ago has been life-changing for millions of people around the world, however, it is a means of management, not a cure.

And millions of people around the world are still waiting for a cure.

Please click the link below to go directly to the Team MNU page where you can join our team or make a donation:

MNU Lace Up Team Page

Join MNU in the fight to End Diabetes together. We all have a part to play. Don’t delay, register today…

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Thank you!