Today is Election Day and if you have not yet voted in this provincial election, we are urging you very strongly to do so!

Polls are open across Manitoba until 8 p.m. If you did not receive your voter information card from Elections Manitoba in the mail, you can look up your voting information at this website

This has been a hard-fought campaign, and we are expecting that many races will indeed be close, so please make your voice heard and cast your vote. MNU has been on the forefront of letting our members and the public know how much is on the line right now, for us personally at MNU and for Manitobans.

As I have said many times, I am NOT going to tell you who to vote for, but what I will tell you is that our values as an organization are: integrity, accountability, democracy, diversity, advocacy, solidarity, and social justice.

Our Outrageous campaign is all about creating a future where each and every one of us has access to public healthcare. That we are transparent and truthful and that we stand up for those who cannot.

As a result, and because of our fierce advocacy, it’s clear that health care has become the top election issue and we are very proud that our campaigns, starting from Behind the Mask during the COVID-19 pandemic all the way to our current The State of Health Care is OutRAGEous: Vote Like Your Life Depends On It, have had a hand in this.

Last week, we held the MNU Fall Education Conference at The Fairmont Hotel in Winnipeg over the course of two days. I’d like to thank the members who attended, our MNU staff who helped to make it happen, our guest speakers and workshop leaders, and the hotel staff for making this event such a success!

We received some great feedback from those who attended the conference. Here are a couple:

“Number 10 should have an `All of the above` button. I really enjoyed all of it! The educational aspects of each session were great, there was a take home message from each session. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in to planning Education Sessions.”

“The blanket exercise workshop was phenomenal! I would highly recommend it! I also thought that the entire education conference was very well organized! The email communication prior informed me of exactly what I needed to know! I thought that the conference ran very smoothly!”

I’d like to close this message to members with my own message of congratulations to Glenn Stobbe, MNU’s longest serving president – 35 years! – at Seven Oaks Worksite 72, on his retirement! We wish you the absolute best as you begin this wonderful new chapter in your life. Thank you for your decades of dedication to MNU!