We have often shared with members the importance of filling out Workload Staffing Reports, also known as WSRs, and now they have become even more so.

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) this year amended its policy when deciding whether workers are entitled to compensation for psychological injuries that do not arise as a consequence of a physical injury. Read the full statement, along with a frequently-asked-questions section.  

What does this mean for you and how does it relate to WSRs?

For MNU members, this means that it is to your benefit to fill out WSRs, which are recommended in situations that involve heavy workloads that compromise the ability of nurses to deliver safe, quality patient care.

With this WCB policy amendment, WSRs may provide valuable documentation in the future event that a nurse might file a claim with WCB. MNU has always encouraged our members to fill out WSRs when needed and now we do so again in light of this WCB policy change.

More information on WSRs is available at manitobanurses.ca. Our MNU Solidarity School has also produced a WSR Step-by-Step Tutorial video, that walks the viewer through the process.