At MNU, we expect 2024 to be a hugely important year, as it includes a new round of negotiations for a Central Table agreement, which covers the majority of our members.

While we saw a change in government when the NDP won the election last October, we know that bargaining will still be tough given how far behind the previous government set us back.

What we do expect is respect at the negotiating table, which was severely lacking in the last round of bargaining back in 2020 and 2021, as well as a greater understanding of the issues affecting nurses, such as staffing shortages, heavy workloads and mental health supports.

With this in mind, we are calling on MNU members to make sure your contact information is up to date. As in years past, MNU will NOT be sending any bargaining information to any Employer emails.

Please visit the MNU Portal as soon as possible to update your contact information. If you have not yet signed up for the Portal, you can do so at our Registration Page. Remember to have your Member ID number handy.

Please also encourage your colleagues to stay connected and engaged in this process.

Central Table is defined as the group of Employers represented by the Provincial Health Labour Relations Services (also known as PHLRS) during bargaining with our union. This group of Employers includes the following regions: Interlake-Eastern Health Region, Southern Health Region, Winnipeg-Churchill Health Region, Shared Health Region, Prairie Mountain Health Region and Northern Health Region. MNU members who work at hospitals, personal care homes, and other health facilities/programs under these Employers are included in Central Table bargaining.

For MNU members who are not part of Central Table and have separate collective agreements, your Labour Relations Officer will be in contact when your site heads to the bargaining table. We have a PDF document of the sites/programs that are and are not represented at Central Table.