Researchers out of Brandon University that are working on a study investigating rural nurses and community attachments, are recruiting participants in Manitoba.

This study aims to understand how sense of community influences the retention of rural nurses in the western provinces over time. It also aims to explore the dynamic processes and meanings of community to inform rural nurse retention over the long-term.

Researchers are looking for Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners or Registered Psychiatric Nurses with at least two years of experience in a rural or remote practice setting.

Participants must be willing and able to engage in a 45-60-minute interview over video (Zoom or MS Teams), or in-person if feasible, and they must reside in the western provinces, from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta. More details are available on this community poster.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Tyla Sylvestre, RPN, BSc.PN at or by calling 306-941-9675.