Last week, MNU’s Solidarity School held a successful Executive Education Day for Local/Worksite Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers at the Union Centre!

It was a great opportunity for MNU members in these roles to learn about their responsibilities and build a solid foundation to move forward. Most importantly, this day provided an opportunity to connect with fellow members, and fellow Executives. 

The Executive Education Day consisted of presentations, a review of available educational materials, scenarios and Q&A sessions, all intended to prepare Executive members for the tasks they will perform and situations they may encounter.

Next up for MNU’s Solidarity School will be the Fall Education Conference, which will be held this year in October. More information on that will be shared with members towards the end of summer.

On another note, we would like to congratulate MNU member Carla Compton on her recent election win! Carla ran for the NDP in the provincial byelection in Tuxedo and was successful in her efforts.

We are pleased to know that there are now two nurses in government, as Carla is a hemodialysis RN at one of our main hospitals in Winnipeg and, of course, Health Minister Uzoma Asagwara.

In media interviews, Carla stated that the No. 1 issue she heard on the doorsteps in Tuxedo was healthcare. It continues to remain the No. 1 issue for us at MNU, too.

Finally, you may have seen a new billboard campaign titled I am a Nurse that MNU recently launched and features a powerful video that we premiered at the AGM in May.

We did this because we believe being a nurse is all about being human. It’s about giving your best, and giving yourself a break. It’s about coming together and coming to those in need. It’s about linking arms and not backing down.

This project, in partnership with Tripwire Media Group, catalogues the many different parts of us, the human parts, that contribute to our professional identity. Here’s to what it takes, the cost, and the appreciation we have for our collective strength. Here’s to MNUnity.