Mandatory overtime? Reassigned? Missed breaks or meal time? We want to know!

MNU is proud to announce that we are launching an online survey platform that will host forms that can be used to report mandatory overtime, reassignments and missed breaks or meal times.

We need your help to collect the statistics necessary to identify the scale of these problems and put effective pressure on the employers and government to address them.

These forms can be accessed by clicking the SURVEYS button in the top right corner of the website.

You will need your MNU member number and portal password to enter the site and access the forms. We have kept these forms as brief as possible, in order to minimize the amount of time it takes our members to complete them. The success of this endeavor relies upon our members willingness to go onto the Surveys site and fill out a form every time one of these situations occurs. We hope that you will consider doing so if these things happen to you.

Please do not fill these forms out at work. These are a union initiative. We urge you to fill them out on your personal time (outside of work) and on your own computer or device. We also remind you to always “Sign out” after completing a form.