We would like to thank all of the MNU members who participated in yesterday’s MNU AGM, our second virtual one, and – we sincerely hope – our last one in this format. We fully recognize that it is not the same as being in-person, so for next year’s edition, we’re aiming for it to be an AGM in each other’s presences again.

Similar to last year, we had to overcome technological hurdles (including an internet outage to our hosting platform company). Nonetheless, the important issues of the AGM were brought to the virtual floor to be discussed and addressed. Thank you all for your contributions to the debates and discussions!

Here is a recap of the day:

50/50 and prize draw

We are very grateful for the members’ support of this year’s 50/50 draw and our chosen charity, Main Street Project.

Through the 50/50, an outstanding $3,942 will be donated to Main Street Project, with the other half going to the lucky winner!

The draw also included 20 prize baskets with donations from companies, Locals, Worksites and MNU – four more than last year. For a full list of the winners, please visit the MNU Member Portal.

Since 1972, Main Street Project has served the needs of Winnipeg’s most citizens by providing a place of respite, shelter and safety, with dignity and without judgement to the most vulnerable people in our community. We know the 50/50 donation will go a long way.

Last year, the 50/50 was $2,740 for Reason to Live – Manitoba Suicide Prevention & Support Line, so we are very happy to see this year’s donation grow by more than $1,000.

Thanks to those who generously donated towards the gift baskets and to all those who purchased tickets!

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Amendments and Resolutions

There were two amendments put forward at this AGM, related to board and PCBC structures, and they were both adopted. These can be found in the Annual Report, on pages 38 and 39, at this link: https://manitobanurses.ca/annual-report

As for the resolutions, there were two put forward at this AGM, and the results are as follows: 

• Resolution No. 1 – that MNU Provincial Office Staff, as per Section G-4 of the MNU Handbook, ensure that all minutes and all other communications to members be posted on the portal as per requested by the Worksites/Locals/Regions – was defeated;

• Resolution No. 2 – that MNU Provincial Office request and earnestly strive to negotiate a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the employer that states “as of April 1st, 2022, all community nurses that would have been affected by this change in hours be red-circled at their hourly rate of pay as of March 31st, 2022, until such time as their pay increments and/or pay increases reach their present (March 31st, 2022) hourly rate of pay”. If unable to obtain the above MOA, it is requested that MNU have this issue deemed a priority at the next round of negotiations with retro pay to April 1st, 2022 – was defeated.

Yellow Ribbon Award

Every year, MNU recognizes those members who have exemplified the spirit of the Yellow Ribbon. The ribbon emerged in the 1990s as a symbol throughout Manitoba of our willingness to stand together and to support each other. This year we recognize Karen Sadler, President of St. Boniface Nurses Local 5, as the Yellow Ribbon Award recipient.

During the AGM, her nominators spoke of Karen’s dedication to her Local and to MNU as a whole, and her willingness to be a mentor to so many nurses over the years. Karen has tirelessly fought for patients and for nurses. As a member of the Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee in the last round of bargaining, she also worked long hours at the bargaining table, and more hours still to answer her members’ questions and concerns. Congratulations Karen!

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Final thoughts

As stated in our introduction above, our goal next year is to hold the AGM in person.

President Darlene Jackson announced during yesterday’s AGM that the MNU Board has approved a motion to pilot a two-day AGM next year, with education sessions sprinkled throughout. The venue for next year’s AGM, our 48th, will be the Keystone Centre in Brandon, MB. The dates are April 25th and 26th, 2023.

We have quite a few thank you’s to share, starting with our Parliamentarian Vera Chernecki and guest speaker CFNU President Linda Silas, as well as Data On the Spot (DOTS), our virtual host platform and scrutineers for this year’s AGM.

Our gratitude also goes out to our Board of Directors, Regional/Local/Worksite Presidents and our MNU staff.

And we certainly are grateful to all MNU members who attended the virtual AGM: thank you for your patience, your comments, questions and requests for clarification. Most of all, thank you for actively participating in your union – our members are our greatest source of strength!

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