"MNU has, from the very beginning of the pandemic, called for a COVID premium for all nurses. We recognize the impact this virus has had on every part of our health care system.

During negotiations for the MOA, government representatives made it clear that they only intended to provide targeted and limited funding for redeployment and retention of nurses in key areas, such as ICUs. MNU urged government to expand premiums to other areas, such as emergency departments. Unfortunately, they were completely unwilling to do so.

To be clear, MNU has not stopped working towards achieving more for you, our members. This was made clear yesterday in the statement MNU President Darlene Jackson released to media.

The Manitoba Nurses Union is proud of our members each and every day. You have gone above and beyond during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The MOA was an important first step as we strove to have government recognize all nurses for their continued exceptional service to Manitobans.

Please know, we will continue to press the Manitoba government for fair compensation."