MNU is pleased to announce that the online Workload Staffing Report system has launched at Health Sciences Centre.

MNU Workplace Staffing Reports, also known as WSRs, are extremely valuable to us, so we encourage our members at HSC and the WRHA to fill them out at your workplace whenever you need to. You may have heard comments dissuading you from filling them out, but the fact is that we consistently use the information in these reports during our meetings with the Employer and with Government officials. It also helps us to see trends that can then be addressed in future rounds of negotiations. They are a powerful tool at our disposal.  

We sent out an email to all members at HSC explaining the process, but if you still have questions, please visit the WSR section of our site, or contact the MNU Provincial Office during normal business hours at 204-942-1320 or email

If you experience difficulty accessing or completing an online WSR for any reason, please submit a paper form. They will still be available.

The addition of HSC comes after WRHA locals and worksites gained access to the online WSR system in 2020. Please be assured that work continues on the addition of more regions/sites to the list of those able to submit online WSRs, however it is currently only available to members in the WRHA and those at HSC.