Dear MNU members,

Since the Manitoba government held a press conference on November 10, 2022, to announce additional incentives for MNU members in Central Table, we received a large volume of questions and feedback.

Please know that our Labour Relations team has not ceased to lobby government to further expand incentives so that more nurses could qualify, and we are pleased to announce that we have been successful in these efforts.

MNU and the Provincial Health Labour Relations Services (PHLRS), which represents Employers comprising the six Employers Organizations of the Winnipeg-Churchill Health Region, Shared Health, Northern Health Region, Prairie Mountain Health Region, Southern Health Region, and Interlake-Eastern Health Region, have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding Supplementary to the Collective Agreement and an Addendum to this Memorandum.

Among the Incentives’ expansions that we can highlight are the following:

  • The Weekend Super Premium for nurses covered by the Memorandum has been expanded to include the hours worked on Friday evenings that would qualify for Evening Shift Premium.
  • For the Recruitment/Retention Incentive, it will be prorated for nurses who accept a minimum if 0.7 EFT (0.7 times the full amount provided for a 1.0 EFT).
  • The Reinstatement of Seniority incentive will no longer require a Return of Service Agreement (ROSA).
  • The Full-Time Incentive qualification period has been expanded to March 31, 2025, meaning that the total time period for the evaluation of this incentive will be from January 1, 2023, to March 31, 2025, meaning 27 months. (It was previously slated to end on Dec. 31, 2024).
  • Additionally for the Full-Time Incentive, where a nurse’s full-time position description, job posting, letter of offer or master rotation indicates a requirement to work some evening or night shifts, whether or not on a regular basis, the nurse shall be considered to qualify for the Full-Time Incentive regardless of the frequency or amount of evening or night shifts worked.  

The full details of the Memorandum of Understanding Supplementary to the Collective Agreement and the Addendum to this Memorandum have been posted to the MNU Member Portal, along with a guide prepared by our Labour Relations team. Please see below for instructions on how to get into the Portal if you haven’t yet.

We fully understand that this Memorandum and Addendum may still leave members with questions or concerns regarding their personal work circumstances.

If you have more questions, please contact your Labour Relations Officer. Visit our LRO & Local/Worksite Locator page on our new website to look up your LRO.

Our Labour Relations team continues to be in contact with the PHLRS and continues to push for more expansions to the Incentives. That’s why it is important for you to bring up any concerns or questions to your LRO.

As we have stated in our communications to members, the larger incentives were directed towards full-time nursing in shift work or weekend positions as these tend to be the most difficult spots to fill in the system with respect to chronic vacancy.

However, we’d like to emphasize universal incentives such as the Wellness Incentive, which increases the 2023 Health Spending Account for full-time and part-time nurses, and the Licensure Reimbursement. These apply to all nurses working for Central Table Employers regardless of classification or position (full-time, part-time or casual), and now includes nurses in pre-retirement.

Furthermore, nurses working for Central Table Employers in day shifts will receive the $2,000 incentive that was in the original Collective Agreement ratified just over a year ago, in October of 2021.

For members who work for non-Central Table Employers, MNU continues to have discussions with these Employers and will communicate any updates once we have them.


To get into the Member Portal:

For members who have not yet accessed the MNU Portal, you will need to first create an account and password. Please visit then click Sign Up Now. You will use your MNU ID number.

If you require a password reset, you can find the link on the Member Portal sign in page. Please note that you must already have an email address on file in order to reset your password.

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