MNU's Solidarity School is excited to present a 45-minute virtual keynote titled 'The Magic Pill is Within' from Linda Crawford on December 22, 2022.
Linda Crawford has always been very passionate about people, and well-being and for the last 25 years she has studied and taught fitness, lifestyle, meditation and mindfulness. After receiving her honors degree from the department of Physical Education and Recreation at University of Alberta, she started her career in the field of mental health.
Linda gained a deep appreciation for supporting others struggling with mental and emotional health and how to be an advocate to ensure people were seen, heard and supported.
In this session, Linda will demonstrate how individuals can reclaim control of their personal, work and home lifestyles to become “Well”. Wellness is more than physical, it has a powerful mental, emotional and spiritual dimension. This session will show us how we can naturally increase the dose of that P.I.L.L. Participants will be inspired, reflective in strengthening their ability to overcome fear, uncertainty and replace it with a desire to shift from barely surviving to thriving.
The keynote will be hosted on December 22 at 1300hrs on Zoom. REGISTER NOW