MNU is pleased to announce the recent and successful conclusion of collective bargaining with St. Amant.

Congratulations to our members in Local 95!

Now that the ratification of this new Collective Agreement has been completed, we want to make sure that nurses who formerly worked for or retired from this facility know that they can apply for retro.

For St. Amant, retro payments are for the time period of April 1, 2017, to December 15, 2022 (which is the date of ratification).

If you qualify for this retro pay, please fill out or copy-and-paste the template located in this link and send it in to this Employer email address with the heading Retro Pay:

For those who qualify for retro, please make sure to get your request in as soon as you can as, for the request deadline is 90 days after ratification.

For members at other non-Central Table sites, we continue to focus on new Collective Agreements at your sites.

In solidarity,

Your MNU Team