The Canadian Labour Congress has launched a campaign centered around the millions of workers who care for our children, the ill, the elderly, people living with disabilities and beyond.

This campaign raises awareness on the plight of care work through a video and website, which calls on government to address Canada’s care crisis by investing in quality care services and creating better jobs that reward care workers equitably and ensures decent working conditions.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed the public that care workers are often overlooked and underpaid, and care services are inaccessible, underfunded or privatized.

The organizers of this campaign are collecting the stories from care workers and sharing them with the broader public. They’ve created a digital ‘Wall of Care’ with these stories, which can be viewed at this link.

The results of the ‘Show We Care’ campaign will be shared during the 2023 CLC Convention in May, which will be the CLC’s 30th Constitutional Convention.

To learn more about this campaign and watch the ‘Show We Care’ video, please visit this link.