MNU Education is pleased to announce a pair of recent additions to our How to Guide library.

How To: Vacation Planning provides insight into the vacation planning process including deadlines, information on vacation carry-over, special occasion days and “Bonus Weeks”, as well as what happens if you change EFTs or worksites.

In addition, the guide discusses Christmas and New Year’s vacation and various other tips to help members successfully access vacation time. If you have any questions about vacation planning, please reach out to your Local President.

The second new one available is How To: Secretaries Guide, which provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Secretary, such as recording minutes and more. The main task for the Secretary is to keep record of all proceedings of the local and to be responsible for all correspondence of the local.

These guides, and all other How to Guides can be found on our website, under Solidarity School in the Resource Library tab.