It has come to our attention that Employers have made changes to the reports related to violence that is making it more difficult for your union to receive a copy of these reports. This is also the case with reporting work injuries due to accident or exposure.

For MNU to receive notification of these situations, nurses MUST check the box to allow the sharing of this information with MNU. The box is located on the second page of the report and says “MNU MEMBERS ONLY Indicate consent for employer to share statistics with MNU”. Please select “YES”.

MNU Labour Relations staff has proceeded with a grievance on this issue, and there are dates set for this fall.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Labour Relations Officer. If you don’t know who your LRO is, you can use the LRO & Local Locator on the MNU website at this link


Second reminder: MNU WSR How-To guide available

For those regions that have the online Workload Staffing Reports (WSRs), MNU has an informative visual guide to assist members step-by-step in order to make filling out these forms as easy as possible.

WSRs were designed to be able to capture key data about safe staffing levels and to share important information to maintain standards for both nurses and patients. The easier it is to capture this data, the better the information, and the more MNU will be able to act on your behalf.

The guide offers helpful bits of information including tips on sections such as ‘details of unresolved situation’, ‘availability of alternatives’, and ‘recommendations.

Members can find resources for both online and paper WSRs forms at this link.