New to MNU?

You’re in the right place.

First things first, we ask that you register your information with us to begin receiving our communications, access to member’s only info, as well as access to savings and discounts.

When you register, we will issue you a unique member number that allows you access to our Member Portal, where we share private information with our members. Your unique member number also allows you to log into the WSR section to begin uploading Workplace Staffing Reports.

And, with your new member number you are able to access exclusive member discounts. An MNU member card will be sent out to you as well, that you can show in-store for discounts with our participating partners.

Next step, we encourage you to watch our orientation video, "Welcome to MNU."

First in a series of filmed educational videos, “Welcome to MNU” gives new members a brief overview of our website, the new member registration process, our social media strategy, educational resources, and an introduction to our President, Darlene Jackson. This video, and others to come, will help to inform members and eliminate questions they may have.

Register with MNU

Your first step to receiving your MNU number, member card and member’s only access.

Watch "Welcome to MNU"

A brief orientation video to to help new members get started!

LRO & Local Locator

Need to find your Labour Relations Officer or the name of your Local? Look no further.

Union Dues Explained

Understanding how union dues work, including an explanation of double dues.

Collective Agreements

View your current collective agreement to read details about wages and benefits.

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Uniting with over 12,000 nurses.

When you begin working at a unionized workplace in Manitoba, you automatically become a member of Manitoba Nurses Union. 

As part of MNU you’re uniting with more than 12,000 Manitoba nurses. And you become part of an independent professional voice for nursing in our province: working for better working conditions, professional status, education and legislation.

You’ll stay up to date on the very latest news affecting your work, whether it’s changes in provincial laws and regulation, or progress on a crucial issue like workloads or workplace safety. You’ll have the protection of a negotiated contract with good wages, benefits and working conditions – along with a strong union to back you up.

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Our commitment goes beyond working conditions

Joining the Union means better patient care, as we advocate for the conditions that allow us to do our very best work. 

And because we’re both dedicated nurses and active union members, defending our members’ interests and rights not only doesn’t compromise our professional responsibilities – it strengthens them.