Together, we can create radical change.

At Manitoba Nurses Union, we believe being a nurse is all about being human. It’s about giving your best, and giving yourself a break. It’s about coming together and coming to those in need. It’s about linking arms and not backing down. 

It’s about thinking RADICAL THOUGHTS in order to make RADICAL CHANGE. It’s being two steps ahead and never letting one of us get left behind.
It’s about respect and doing what’s right. It’s about righting broken systems and knowing that systematic changes are tough, but regularly necessary.
This project, in partnership with Tripwire Media Group, entitled ‘I am a Nurse’ catalogues the many different parts of us, the human parts, that contribute to our professional identity.
Here’s to what it takes, the cost, and the appreciation we have for our collective strength. Here’s to MNUnity.

#TimeForRadicalChange #MNUnity #IAmANurse