Union Dues Explained

Union dues consist of two components, the MNU Provincial component and Local/Worksite component. If you worked at more than one facility, or you have multiple positions within the same facility, your payments may have exceeded the maximum yearly MNU Provincial dues limit. If this has occurred, you may qualify for a refund of the excess Provincial portion of dues deducted by your employer. No need to apply. The rebate process is now automatic.

MNU will calculate the rebate amount in March of each year and provide payment to members by the end of April. Refunds are sent via Canada Post mail to the address on file. If members have questions about the amount of the rebate received, or do not receive an anticipated rebate, contact the MNU Provincial Office.

In order for MNU to provide members with a T4A, reporting the amount of the dues rebate, or a T4, reporting any MNU paid salary replacements, in the year they are paid, we must have each member’s Social Insurance Number (SIN) on file. MNU Provincial Office will contact members for any missing SIN information so please ensure your personal information is up-to-date in the Member Portal.

Provincial Dues

  • $30 per pay period x 26 pay periods = $780*
  • Local/Worksite dues amount (varies from Local/Worksite to Local/Worksite; range is from $1 – $8)
  • $X x 26 pay periods = $XX – this amount is NOT refundable

*As per January 1, 2020


You have been deducted $35 in union dues in one pay period. $30 is the Provincial Portion while the remaining $5 is the Local/Worksite Portion. You would have 26 pay periods with Provincial dues deductions totalling $780 (26 pay periods x $30) before qualifying for a refund. If your total exceeds $780 (without the Local/Worksite Portion) then you are eligible for a refund.