Welcome to the library!

Our goal at MNU for Education is that it be as easily accessible as possible for our members.

Our plan moving forward is to continue to create educational videos, guides, tips sheets, and session recordings and post them online so that members all over our province can gain essential knowledge whenever convenient for them. Here, in our library, is where you will find these materials.

Our library will be frequently updated, so be sure to check back often.

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MNU How To Guides

Our MNU How To Guides are designed to provide executives with the essential knowledge they need to carry out their position. Whether executives are new to their position or experienced, our hope is that the How To Guides will be used as a touch stone moving forward. Each guide includes information on roles and responsibilities, best practices, quick reminder notes and more. Stay tuned - we'll be adding more in the coming weeks!


MNU How To: Treasurers Guide

This guide provides information on the role of Treasurers for locals/worksites/regions, and covers such topics as budgeting, financial reports, and banking and bookkeeping.

Furthermore, the guide offers helpful tips, such as sample budget worksheet, how to use revenues, motions related to expenses, and keeping records for seven years.

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MNU How To: Submitting Online WSRs

Workload Staffing Reports, also known as WSRs, were designed to be able to capture key data about safe staffing levels and to share important information to maintain standards for both nurses and patients.

This guide walks the user through the process of submitting an online WSR.

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MNU How To: Presidents Guide

Stepping into this important role can be intimidating, which is why we have created this resource for your new position. 

This guide provides comprehensive information on the roles and responsibilities of presidents for Locals/Worksites/Region. Included in the guide are presidential duties, day-to-day responsibilities, conducting meetings, an overview of the Executive Committee, and more.

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MNU How To: Vice Presidents Guide

The Vice President works closely alongside the President to protect and advance the interests of the Local/Worksite/Region. 

This guide provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Vice President, such as executive meetings, signing authorities and more.

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Tips for Successfully Submitting Online WSRs

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MNU Workload Staffing Report Tracking Sheet

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Understanding Parliamentary Procedure

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MNU Orientation Checklist for New Hires

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Your Role as a Local/Worksite President

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MNU Local President Annual Planner

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MNU Grievance Investigation Fact Sheet

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MNU Grievance Investigation Checklist

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Educational Videos

Welcome to MNU!


First in a series of filmed educational videos, “Welcome to MNU” gives new members a brief overview of our website, the new member registration process, our social media strategy, educational resources, and an introduction to our President, Darlene Jackson. 

This video, and others to come, will help to inform members and eliminate questions they may have.

MNU Fall Education Conference: Raise Your Voice Panel Discussion

Raise Your Voice is a panel discussion with activists from our community who shared with us their experiences in the world of advocacy. No need for sugar coating, this discussion gets right to the point and asks the tough questions - like how to continue to be an advocate for one cause in a sea of social issues, and how to approach situations to remain impactful. Join us as we discuss activism and its challenges with Scott Oake of the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre and Foundation, Angela Taylor, CEO of Inspire Community Outreach, Levi Foy, Executive Director at Sunshine House Winnipeg, Linda Silas, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions and MNU President, Darlene Jackson.

Rock Your New Role: A How-To Guide

In this session, attendees will learn the basics of executive positions from President to Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Attendees will learn briefly how to work with LRO’s, how to hold a meeting, the importance of proper note taking, balancing a budget, submitting for expenses, and communication amongst an executive team.

Workload Staffing Issue? Report It!

In this session, viewers will learn the ins and outs of WSRs - both online and paper versions. The session will discuss the importance of WSRs, when to fill one out and where they go once they have been filled out. Viewers will learn firsthand how WSRs are handled at NAC and what happens if they end up in an IAC. Attendees of this session will leave with a greater understanding of the WSR process and their rights and responsibilities when it comes to filling a WSR out.

You Can Grieve That! (Can you?): MNU's Guide to Grievances & Arbitration

In this session, viewers will learn to delineate between issues and grievances. Viewers will learn the types of grievances including individual, group, and union. Upon discovery of what is a breach of the Collective Agreement, viewers will learn the appropriate next steps. From filing a grievance, to arbitration and resolve, progressive discipline, and EAP, after this session, viewers will have an understanding of the grievance and arbitration process as well as how to handle the situation if they find themselves in a challenging situation.

WSR Step-by-Step Tutorial