Joyce Gleason Scholarship

The Manitoba Nurses Union offers four (4) annual scholarships of $1,500 to students enrolled, for the first time, in a nursing program (RN, LPN or RPN) at a Manitoba institution.

Students may apply for this scholarship in any year of their nursing program; however nurses who have already completed a nursing program are not eligible.

The application deadline is October 15th.

Application Details

What you need to know before applying

  • Applications are accepted from students enrolled for the first time in a Nursing Program (Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Psychiatric Nurse) at a Manitoba institution.
  • Nurses enrolled in a post diploma or post degree program are not eligible.
  • Applicants may apply for the scholarship in any year of their Nursing program.
  • Applicants have not previously been awarded the MNU Joyce Gleason Memorial Scholarship or CFNU Scholarship.
  • Applicants must be Manitoba residents.
  • Applicants must be willing to have their essay published in part or total.

Note: Nurses enrolled in post-diploma or post-degree programs are not eligible.

Application Criteria & Selection Process

  • All applicants are automatically eligible for one of the four (4) Joyce Gleason Memorial Scholarships awarded in the amount of $1500 each, or one (1) CFNU Scholarship awarded in the amount of $1000. There is no separate application form for the CFNU Scholarship.
  • A selection committee, whose decisions are final, will award the scholarships. Funds will be forwarded to the successful applicant(s) prior to year-end.
  • Only the successful applicant(s) will be notified.
  • Upon request, the successful applicant(s) must provide a Social Insurance Number (SIN) as per CRA regulations.
  • Scholarship recipients agree to apply the monies received to tuition fees, or living expenses and to advise the MNU of any fundamental change in their program to which the scholarship received applies.
  • Scholarship recipients who withdraw from the program must advise the MNU office or the Scholarship Committee Chair within one week of doing so. Full or partial repayment of the scholarship monies may be required, after review of individual circumstances.

Application Checklist

  • I am a Manitoba Resident
  • I am enrolled in a Nursing program at a Manitoba Institution
  • I am enclosing proof of my CURRENT enrollment (course registration, receipts, etc.)
  • I am enclosing my essay (250-300 words)
  • I have not previously received an MNU Joyce Gleason Memorial Scholarship or CFNU Scholarship
  • I am willing to have my essay published in part or whole with my name withheld for privacy

How to Submit

Two Options

  1. Complete the online submission.
  2. Download, print, and complete the application form.

Joyce Gleason Memorial Scholarship Committee
c/o Manitoba Nurses Union
301 - 275 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 4M6

Fax: (204) 942-0958

Please Enclose

  1. An essay of 250-300 words describing yourself, your involvement in volunteer / community activities, why you chose nursing as a career, and your goals once you have graduated.
  2. Documentation of your current enrollment in the Nursing program.  A letter of acceptance into the Nursing program is not sufficient.  Your application will be considered incomplete without this documentation.

Scholarship Application


I declare that all of the information contained in this application is accurate and truthful. I have read and confirm that all items in the application checklist have been approved and/or addressed. I will adhere to the terms and conditions of the scholarship if I am a successful applicant.